SeART - Semantic Aware Real-Time scheduling



Merry Porter

Merry Porter is a small mobile robot, able to safely move along corridors and within rooms, to use elevators, capable of autonomous guidance without human supervision, in the same building areas where normal people act. Merry Porter's primary aim is to deliver objects: it has a payload of about 100 Kg and a shape able to interface with various kinds of containers.
Moreover, Merry Porter can carry various sensors, e.g., for video surveillance, and is able to patrol areas of known layout even while performing delivery tasks. Merry Porter is based on a distributed intelligence framework: besides the on-board processor(s), it interfaces with domotic and building automation devices that are encountered during missions, and it is able to manage lights, doors, elevators, additional sensors, communication or diagnostic points.

Merry Porter runs ETHNOS for real-task scheduling, and SeART for the real-time selection of tasks to be scheduled depending on the current operating context. The video describes a typical mission of Merry Porter in different context where it uses SeART to take proper action.

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