SeART - Semantic Aware Real-Time scheduling



SeART - Semantic Aware Real-Time Scheduling

SeART or Semantic aware real-time shceduling is an open-source project which has been thought for complex and real-time intelligent robotic applications.

Real-Time operating systems are important in all those applications where timing constraints on task execution play a fundamental role, such as control systems in general and robotics in particular. A real-time application is normally composed of multiple tasks with different levels of criticality. Missing some deadlines for soft real-time tasks will lead to paying penalties. On the other hand, hard real- time tasks cannot miss any deadline, otherwise, undesirable or fatal results will be produced in the system.

The conventional real-time schedulers aim to assign task to resources based on primary properties of each tasks and their timing constraints. However, these types of schedulers are often inadequate to deal with the complexity of intelligent systems, where it is important to schedule tasks not only on the basis of their timing constraints, but also to choose between available tasks depending on the current context. Assume a complex system (e.g., an autonomous mobile robot); different activities are usually required to be performed concurrently, i.e., motion control, navigation, motion planning, localization and obstacle avoidance. Depending on the cognitive model adopted (reactive, deliberative, hybrid) different tasks can be available to perform the same activity, possibly with different timing constraints and able to guarantee different performance.

SeART addresses the problem of selecting, depending on the current context, a subset of tasks to be scheduled by the operating system in order to achieve the user’s objective, by meeting real-time and additional constraints. Towards this end, it can be easily interfaced with existing middleware for robotics to provide them with extended functionalities.

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